F rom late 2015 onward we decided to fully focus our work for and with partner organisations: technical assistance, consultancy, project development and academic research. Unfortunately this means that we no longer dedicate our time to website commentary and publications. However, our team members do still regularly publish on other platforms, such as newspapers, books and other websites.

Below you can find a list of many of our web-publications from the past as well occasional newer publications that were written for other purposes, such as publicly available ReSeT Analysis Papers. Please note that ReSeT has no ideological agenda beyond expanding the understanding of global affairs and stimulating debate on these issues. Therefore, the views expressed in the articles below are those of the author(s), and not necessarily shared by the whole team.

Analysis Paper – The Dark Side of Democracy: An Analysis of Why the West Engages in War
The ReSeT Team / 26th August 2018
Analysis Paper – UN Sanctions and Selective Security: Targeting Terrorists
The ReSeT Team / 20th December 2017
Analysis Paper – UN Sanctions and Islamic Terrorism: An Association with Fatal Repercussions
The ReSeT Team / 20th December 2017
Analysis Paper – The US Military Drone Programme: Obama’s Gift to Trump
The ReSeT Team / 20th December 2017
Website Update October 2015
The ReSeT Team / 14th October 2015
Polis Postcard #002 -
Thomas Kruiper / 11th July 2015
Polis Postcard #001 – Enkishui E Maa Projects
Thomas Kruiper / 11th July 2015
Polis Perspective 03/07/2015: Gender and power in science and development: gender discrimination is not a joke
Stephanie Halksworth / 3rd July 2015
Polis Perspective 19/06/2015: ‘Time to adapt to the complex reality of migration’
Isadora Loreto / 19th June 2015
Polis Perspective 12/06/2015 – It´s time to put girls and women at the top of your agenda
Stephanie Halksworth / 12th June 2015
Polis Perspective 05/06/2015: Impact investment and utilitarianism – a debate worth keeping alive
Thomas Kruiper / 5th June 2015
Connecting Local Realities: The case of women’s groups in Kenya
Stephanie Halksworth / 1st June 2015
Interview with Dr. Ernesto Sirolli – Enterprise Facilitation
Thomas Kruiper / 1st June 2015
Localising the Post-2015 Debate: What are the realities?
Joan Okitoi / 1st June 2015
Q&A with Isadora Loreto I Head of Research & Development
The Polis Team / 1st June 2015
Global Problems, Local Solutions: The Case of C.A.R. and the International Community
The Polis Team / 29th May 2015
Polis Perspective 29/5/2015: We need far fewer SDGs
The Polis Team / 29th May 2015
Polis Perspective 22/5/2015: Bill, Melinda, and the SDGs
The Polis Team / 22nd May 2015
Polis Perspective 15/05/2015: The Paradox of Identity Politics
The Polis Team / 15th May 2015
Global Problems, Local Solutions: The Case of the US and Yemen
Balder Hageraats / 21st April 2015
Q&A with Joanna Klever I Head of Fundraising
The Polis Team / 7th April 2015
International Cooperation: reality or farce?
Joanna Klever / 7th April 2015
The Dark Side of International Volunteering: shedding light on its negative impact
Stephanie Halksworth / 7th April 2015
Global Problems, Local Solutions: The Case of fighting the Islamic State
Isadora Loreto / 3rd April 2015
A Precarious Generation in Transition
Touraj Eghtesad / 17th February 2015
Doing Development Differently: An Interview with Matt Andrews and Leni Wild
The Polis Team / 2nd February 2015
Q&A with Ivanka Puigdueta | Head of Polis Development
The Polis Team / 2nd February 2015
CSR: The Missed Opportunities of Choosing Cosmetics over Impact
Thomas Kruiper / 29th January 2015
Polis Paper | Turning Aid into Effective Cooperation: Connecting Local to Global
The Polis Team / 26th January 2015
2015 – Time to Rethink Global Decision Making
Balder Hageraats / 15th January 2015
Happy Holiday Season
The ReSeT Team / 22nd December 2014
Syria, the West, and the incompatibility of military operations with humanitarian action
Isadora Loreto / 4th December 2014
Discover The Polis: When ideas turn into reality
The Polis Team / 17th November 2014
An expert opinion on development: Dr. Stephan Klingebiel
The Polis Team / 17th November 2014
Q&A with Balder Hageraats | General Coordinator of The Polis
The Polis Team / 17th November 2014
Funding development cooperation: Time for donors and local people to unite
Balder Hageraats / 17th November 2014
Development and the Knowledge Problem: Towards an open source development sector?
Thomas Kruiper / 13th October 2014
The inefficiency of international actors’ involvement: time for a change
The Polis Team / 9th October 2014
MDGs, SDGs and the road to change: An outlook for sustainable development
Joanna Klever / 6th October 2014
Colombia’s indigenous people: Facing the clash of local, national and global interests
Nina Bernardo / 25th September 2014
The Islamic State and the West: the dangers of having a “non – strategy”
Isadora Loreto / 22nd September 2014
UN Sanctions on Guinea-Bissau: Waiting For a Coup to Happen
Thomas Kruiper / 3rd September 2014
Western media and Ukraine: global ideology versus local realities
Ricardo Lenoir-Grand Pons / 23rd July 2014
The Future of Offical Development Assistance
Joanna Klever / 3rd July 2014
South Sudan: Global Succes Despite Local Failure
Balder Hageraats / 27th June 2014
South Sudan: Past, Present and Future
The ReSeT Team / 16th June 2014
Run-off Election in Afghanistan: International vs Local Media
Raquel Noguiera / 14th June 2014
Peacebuilding and Transitional Justice in Syria: Assessing the Role of INGOs
Isadora Loreto / 28th May 2014
Money for Nothing: What the Development Sector Could Learn from Cash-Transfer Programmes
Thomas Kruiper / 20th May 2014
Environmental Disconnect Between Global and Local Actors: The Case of REDD+ and Embobut Forest
Ivanka Puigdueta Bartolomé / 14th May 2014
U.S. Self-Perception and Foreign Policy
Veronica Garcia / 5th May 2014
International Cooperation and Cultural Heritage Programs: in the name of which heritage?
Marta Laureanti / 25th April 2014
ReSeT Working Paper: Power and UN Sanctions Policy
Thomas Kruiper / 24th March 2014
Sanctions against Russia: How far will they go?
Thomas Kruiper / 24th March 2014
South America: The dark side of commodities
Paula Sánchez de la Blanca / 17th March 2014
Notes on the Ukrainian Battlefield
Alberto Perez Vadillo / 10th March 2014
International Development: Please Drop the Charity Act
Balder Hageraats / 5th February 2014
The Arctic Indigenous Peoples – the politics of climate change
Rory Robertshaw / 30th January 2014
Jesús García-Luengos on the conflict in South Sudan
The ReSeT Team / 22nd January 2014
REDES Report on Natural Resources published
Jesús García-Luengos / 19th January 2014
Climate Change? No, thanks.
Helga Amenabar Anso / 20th December 2013
Report: the Arab Spring in Morocco
Jesús García-Luengos / 11th December 2013
Emerging Economies: Finding a Balance Locally as well as Globally
Ricardo Lenoir-Grand Pons / 18th November 2013
Lessons from the Wild West – the US’s approach to taming the Arctic
Rory Robertshaw / 13th November 2013
Catching a Cold: Europe’s Exposure to Arctic Change
Rory Robertshaw / 6th November 2013
Dissecting the Corruption Perceptions Index
Thomas Kruiper / 4th November 2013
Economics and the Environment: A Brief Review of Arctic Change
Rory Robertshaw / 2nd November 2013
Welcome to our Newly Designed Website
The ReSeT Team / 31st October 2013
Report: The US Withdrawal from Afghanistan
The ReSeT Team / 31st July 2013
Changing Places: Sino-American Rivalry and Cooperation in Central Asia
The ReSeT Team / 8th July 2013
Nobody Wants to Play with Barack Anymore
Balder Hageraats / 2nd July 2013
International Focus Shifting towards the Sahel
Paula Sánchez de la Blanca / 1st May 2013
Conspiracy in the Sahel? Would that it were
Balder Hageraats / 28th February 2013
Mali: When Collective Security is Too Slow
Alberto Perez Vadillo / 4th February 2013
Global Governance: Why Size Matters
Balder Hageraats / 20th December 2012
Central Asia: Renewed Focus on Kashmir
Carmen Alonso Villaseñor / 1st July 2012
Syria: Geopolitics vs. Civilian Casualties
Alberto Perez Vadillo / 6th June 2012
Avaaz in Syria: Humanitarianism under Fire
Jorge Jimeno Almeida / 15th March 2012
Towards compulsory transparency in extractive industries?
Jesús García-Luengos / 16th February 2012
Syria shows the Need for Security Council Reform
Alberto Perez Vadillo / 15th February 2012
Elections in Russia: Putin vs. the Opposition
Alberto Perez Vadillo / 8th February 2012
What is Civil Society?
Jorge Jimeno Almeida / 5th February 2012
NGOs and the Security Challenge
Diego Guerrero Oris / 30th January 2012
Belligerence against Iran: Reckless and Counterproductive
Alberto Perez Vadillo / 19th January 2012
Democracies and their Search for Enemies
Balder Hageraats / 17th January 2012
Humanitarian Action and the Security Challenge
Diego Guerrero Oris / 15th January 2012
The EU, the Mediterranean, and the Need for Coherent Policies
Carmen Alonso Villaseñor / 17th December 2011
David Cameron, the European Union and UK Sovereignty
Paula Sánchez de la Blanca / 14th December 2011
The Chinese Dragon and the Western Whale in Africa
Balder Hageraats / 30th November 2011
Refugees in Mozambique: Where is the International Community?
Jorge Jimeno Almeida / 7th October 2011