Towards compulsory transparency in extractive industries?

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One of the main consequences of the current international crisis and its various dimensions is the demand for greater transparency and accountability in the political and financial field. As a result of the corruption in so many countries linked to the management of the incomes derived from the extractive industries and the role played by the minerals in several conflicts, the past few years have seen several initiatives being implemented aiming to improve the transparency and to check the original source of those mineral linked to war and violence.

The media have covered some conflicts related to “blood diamonds” and coltan from the Congo, but coverage of the impacts derived from exploitation of the hydrocarbons and minerals lacks a holistic approach. The main focus is on financial markets, investments opportunities (including the raw material and food prices), macroeconomic growth and the energy security strategies, leaving out any analysis centred on the real life conditions of local populations in the resource rich countries.

Read the whole article (in Spanish): Transparencia Industrias Extractivas



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Jesús García-Luengos is a senior partner at ReSeT. He specialises in human rights, development project evaluation and management of natural resources in Africa.

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