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Recent Publications

The Polis

Imagine… a place that filters out the noise and connects you to your core objectives.

This is our Polis, our city. An environment inspired by centres of learning that have existed throughout history, spurring on civilizations and organisations alike in their evolution. This environment- partly online, partly physical- grows knowledge and connects it to the needs and ambitions of organisations working beyond national borders.
It selects those individuals and organisations who make such an environment possible, and it uses an internally developed model to ensure effective application to the global realities we and our partners face.

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ReSeT Working Paper: Power and UN Sanctions Policy

/ 24th March 2014 /

Many students of international sanctions recognize some sort of progress of sanctions as coercive tools. In this essay I attempt to look beyond the issue of economic effectiveness, and into the origins of sanctions; the sources of power that decide under which circumstances UN sanctions should be imposed and that decide which should be the

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Sanctions against Russia: How far will they go?

/ 24th March 2014 /

Talk about sanctions on Russia has been tough this week. Both the United States and the European Union have been tightening screws on Russia in an attempt to reverse Russia´s annexation of Crimea. EU sanctions now include 33 highly placed individuals with close relations to Vladimir Putin and that were involved in the takeover of

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South America: The dark side of commodities

/ 17th March 2014 /

For many, 2013 has been the year of “The Great Deceleration“. Emerging economies worldwide are lowering their expectations. The reasons behind this slow down might be deeper than simply the international economic downturn. The role of raw materials in emerging economies, in combination with short-sighted policy making, made the current situation all but inevitable. Let’s

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Notes on the Ukrainian Battlefield

/ 10th March 2014 /

The Russian military is in control of Ukraine’s autonomous region of Crimea. Three months ago, at the Vilnius summit, now ousted president Viktor Yanukovich decided not to sign an Association Agreement (AA) with the European Union and postponed further negotiations. We know that these two events are linked, but often fail to understand the way

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International Development: Please Drop the Charity Act

/ 5th February 2014 /

International development cooperation is typically regarded as politically optional policy. It is the type of public expenditure that makes politicians and voters feel good about themselves during the fat years, but one that can be cut the moment that high national unemployment or budget deficits require sacrificial lambs. It is no surprise therefore, that in

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The Arctic Indigenous Peoples – the politics of climate change

/ 30th January 2014 /

The US, by a country mile, has been the world’s biggest contributor to greenhouse gasses, but the cast of the dice has fated the Arctic as the region most severely effected by the resulting climate change. In January the global media buzzed with well warranted concern as a polar vortex wreaked havoc across the US.

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