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Recent Publications

The Polis

Have you ever thought about why development cooperation is often ineffective? So have we.

The Polis is ReSET’s flagship project. It stems from seeing that development cooperation does not work when its projects are not locally formulated and led. Moreover, when projects are local-led, they often encounter problems in finding the necessary resources to turn idea into reality.  
The Polis creates Local-Led Connections. These are a match between locally demanded services and global resources, and allow local needs and ambitions to be satisfied in a simple and effective way.

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Polis Paper | Turning Aid into Effective Cooperation: Connecting Local to Global

/ 26th January 2015 /

A Polis Publication by Balder Hageraats and Isadora Loreto. Instruments based on traditional development aid-thinking suffer from inherent flaw: their focus on governments and institutions rather than people. This leads to unsatisfactory outcomes. International cooperation is supposed to be about local actors and global actors coming together to achieve a common goal, typically improving the

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2015 – Time to Rethink Global Decision Making

/ 15th January 2015 /

As harbingers of a troubled 2015, last week’s events in Paris were a stark reminder that the world is facing a year desperate for clear and benign leadership: the ever increasing complexity of our societies requires thoughtful and wise decision making. Any balance in the globalised world is easily disturbed, and difficult to restore. While

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Happy Holiday Season

/ 22nd December 2014 /

As we are about to part with 2014 and usher in the new year, we can proudly look back at the past year and the progress that we made. It has been a great pleasure to work on the Polis as well as other projects. Now, at the dawn of 2015, we are ready to

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Syria, the West, and the incompatibility of military operations with humanitarian action

/ 4th December 2014 /

A recent report of the UN Secretary-General states that in Syria as many as 4.7 million people are residing in places that are difficult or impossible for humanitarian actors to reach. Of this group, 241,000 are from besieged areas. Reaching local populations in need has been problematic since the beginning of the conflict, but over

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Discover The Polis: When ideas turn into reality

/ 17th November 2014 /

The ReSeT Polis Project has been in development for over a year, and we are thrilled to finally start sharing our progress with you. With each new newsletter, we will use this space for an update on where we are with respect to our work and its impact. For now, and given that this is

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An expert opinion on development: Dr. Stephan Klingebiel

/ 17th November 2014 /

Dr. Stephan Klingebiel is head of the department for Bi- and Multilateral Development Cooperation at the German Development Institute (DIE). His work areas include aid effectiveness and the political economy of aid, international cooperation and global public goods as well as the nexus of security and development. He is also a regular visiting professor at

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