Welcome to ReSeT – A think tank for Research on Security and Transnational Governance



We work to understand and explain the global environment, and in particular its development and security challenges. We then share this through publications, lectures and conferences.



We develop and apply ideas to topics where we can make a difference, transforming our knowledge into reality together with partner organisations through practical projects.


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Research on development, natural resources, security and governance challenges. We work with universities as well as practitioners in the field to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and application.

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Creative projects, knowledge exchange and support for idea generation. This is the core of what a think tank is about, and in our case we focus on development, governance and security challenges.

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Technical assistance to NGOs and governments working on development projects. We have worked with European, American, African and Asian organisations and authorities on a wide range of projects.

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Publications, lectures and debates on international relations. For more information, please contact us here. You can also find past website publications in our library.