Report: the Arab Spring in Morocco

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Immersed in the complex processes of transformation, North African societies throw up numerous challenges for actors positioning themselves in this scenario. The importance of a solid understanding of the basic dynamics of civil society in these countries is what led the Encuentro Civil Euromed (ECEM) to commission four reports on the current context in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. This led to a book published by Icaria Editorial, as well as the four reports.

ReSeT has written the report on Morocco, which also appears as a chapter in the book.


Please click here for the report (in Spanish): Report: Diagnóstico Primavera Árabe en Marruecos

Please click here for the book (in Spanish): Book: Sociedad civil y transiciones en el norte de África


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Jesús García-Luengos is a senior partner at ReSeT. He specialises in human rights, development project evaluation and management of natural resources in Africa.

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