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Polis Publications


On this page you can find all the research-papers, articles, and interviews that are related to local-global issues. Polis publications are normally written by Polis team members, but articles from associate researchers and external authors are also welcomed. For more information don’t hesitate to contact our R&D department.

Polis Perspective 03/07/2015: Gender and power in science and development: gender discrimination is not a joke
Stephanie Halksworth / 3rd July 2015
Connecting Local Realities: The case of women’s groups in Kenya
Stephanie Halksworth / 1st June 2015
Interview with Dr. Ernesto Sirolli – Enterprise Facilitation
Thomas Kruiper / 1st June 2015
Localising the Post-2015 Debate: What are the realities?
Joan Okitoi / 1st June 2015
Q&A with Isadora Loreto I Head of Research & Development
The Polis Team / 1st June 2015
Global Problems, Local Solutions: The Case of C.A.R. and the International Community
The Polis Team / 29th May 2015
Global Problems, Local Solutions: The Case of the US and Yemen
Balder Hageraats / 21st April 2015
Q&A with Joanna Klever I Head of Fundraising
The Polis Team / 7th April 2015
International Cooperation: reality or farce?
Joanna Klever / 7th April 2015
The Dark Side of International Volunteering: shedding light on its negative impact
Stephanie Halksworth / 7th April 2015