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zahnrad The Polis Method

Progress is all about making the right connections between people. The Polis creates Local-Led Connections (LLCs). An LLC is a match between a local idea and fitting partners and resources. The Polis method always starts and ends with local actors, hence “local led”. Initially, a grass-roots specialist called “Local Connector” brings credible and feasible local ideas to the Polis platform.

Ideas on the platform are then communicated to potential partner organisations by “Global Connectors” who work with the Polis. Ultimately, the local actor receives a range of offers and chooses the preferred option. Once a relationship is established between the local actor and the resource(s), the Polis withdraws from operational issues. This means that connected organisations and local actors are in charge of turning projects into a success.

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How does the Polis model ensure quality?

The Polis model builds on two types of measures to ensure credibility and feasibility and to minimise risks. Furthermore, The Polis allows partner organisations to carry out additional checks before making a connection.


zahnradConnectivity Study

Before establishing a Local Connector in a community, the Polis team carries out a connectivity study, making sure that the community adheres to a set of requirements regarding responsiveness, size, accessibility, internal stability, and social and political goodwill.

zahnradFeasibility Study

Not just any local idea makes it to the Polis platform. Local Connectors have a crucial position in making sure that project proposals adhere to high standards regarding credibility and feasibility. The Polis therefore trains and coaches Local Connectors to follow strict benchmarks.

zahnradPartner Check

Knowing that partners might have additional benchmarks and doubts, they have the possibility to interact with local communities to mitigate issues such as due diligence, legal concerns, or project details. The Polis team can assist partners in finding external expertise regarding those issues.


peopleLocal Connectors in your community of interest?

Would you like the Polis Project to activate a Local Connector in your community? Or would you like to receive more information about the Polis method and our activities? Then don’t hesitate to contact us.