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Polis Postcards are interviews with people from local communities about their specific needs and ambitions. Click on the map to read a Polis Postcard from people and communities in your country of interest.




Postcard Send us a Polis Postcard

Are you in the initial phase of your project or initiative? Do you want to spread the word? Send us a Polis Postcard and get the word out there! Locally led projects are the driving force behind the Polis Project and we want to hear about yours.

Project ideas vary from community development to social entrepreneurship and local events. Polis Postcards will be published on our website to show our partners what types of local needs and ambitions exist in different communities. Through the Polis Postcards there is the potential for future collaboration, and of course they are a great way to put your community and your project initiative on the map!




For more information about the Polis Project, have a look at the rest of the website. For more specific information about Polis Postcards, please contact us at polispostcards@resetweb.org.


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Thomas Kruiper / 11th July 2015
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Stephanie Halksworth / 3rd July 2015
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Isadora Loreto / 19th June 2015
Polis Perspective 12/06/2015 – It´s time to put girls and women at the top of your agenda
Stephanie Halksworth / 12th June 2015