The Polis Team

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people The Polis Team

Balder Hageraats_ 

Balder Hageraats – General Coordination 

Founding partner at ReSeT and specialist on global governance and security. Balder is the author of multiple books and publications, as well as lecturer at various universities across Spain.

Joanna Klever_

Joanna Klever – Fundraising

Specialised in Public Policy, Governance and International Cooperation. Joanna has done research on aid effectiveness and democratization in Guatemala and Nicaragua and worked in Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

Isadora Loreto_

Isadora Loreto - Research and Development

Specialised in human rights, humanitarian law, conflict resolution and security. With a special focus on the MENA region, Isadora has worked for several NGOs and think tanks.

Joan Otikoi_

Joan Okitoi – Communications

Specialised in democracy and govenance in Africa. Joan has conducted diverse researches on legal frameworks and political space for NGOs and on USAID and democratization in East Africa.

Thomas Kruiper_

Thomas Kruiper – Communications

Specialised in International Relations and Development. As a specialist on West Africa, Thomas has worked as a consultant for various NGOs and research projects. He is also a lecturer at Saint Louis University (Madrid), where he teaches African politics.

Stephanie Halksworth_

Stephanie Halksworth - Research and Development

Specialised in transnational relations and gender issues, Stephanie has conducted research on migration and development with a special focus on the Latin American and Caribbean regions.